About UM Google Apps

In June 2011, a committee was formed to consider a University of Mississippi (UM) partnership with Google to offer Google Apps for Education to students. Google Apps for Education offers email, document creation, calendar services and home pages to use in private and collaborative projects.

In September 2011, the committee requested input from the university community on this initiative. The survey results showed an overwhelming desire to pursue Google Apps for Education as the replacement for UM Webmail. Soon after, the Office of Information Technology (IT) began preparations for this initiative.

UM provides each student with a Google email (Gmail) account. Although this account will be hosted with Google, it will have the "go.olemiss.edu" extension rather than "gmail.com." Faculty and staff may also sign up. Instead of a replacement, this will be an additional account for UM Gmail and other Google apps, leaving the UM Mail (Exchange) account to be used for official UM correspondence. UM Gmail accounts are being made available to employees so they can use Google Apps for Education in their roles as instructors and students.

Employee Sign-up

  • Sign up for a UM Gmail account at my.olemiss.edu
    • Students: No action necessary. Students receive a UM Gmail account automatically.
    • Employees: Log into my.olemiss.edu and follow the menu path: Employee > Technology > Gmail Sign-up.
  • Notify your friends of your UM Gmail address: WebID@go.olemiss.edu.
  • Get started with UM Gmail from your Web browser or mobile device.
  • Take advantage of unlimited personal storage.
  • Learn about Google Apps.
For incoming student accounts created after March 18, 2012, only a UM Gmail account will be created. NOTE: For these students, only WebID@go.olemiss.edu will be a valid email address.

Important Dates

  • October 5, 2012 - UM Webmail was taken offline. Further, students are encouraged to promote their WebID@go.olemiss.edu address for email correspondence.
  • February 8, 2013 - For students, automatic forwarding of email from WebID@olemiss.edu to WebID@go.olemiss.edu ceased.

Email Delivery to @olemiss.edu

  • Employees
    • Email sent to WebID@olemiss.edu will be directed to UM Mail (Exchange).
    • Email sent to WebID@go.olemiss.edu will be directed to UM Gmail.
  • Students
    • On October 5, 2012, UM Webmail was taken offline. Students are encouraged to promote WebID@go.olemiss.edu as their primary email address for all email correspondence.
    • Beginning February 8, 2013, email is longer being automatically forwarded from WebID@olemiss.edu to WebID@go.olemiss.edu.
    • NOTE: Students admitted after March 18, 2012 did not use the UM Webmail system and are not impacted by the dates above. These students should only use WebID@go.olemiss.edu as their primary email address.


Read Google's Security and Privacy Statement. All UM employees should use their UM Mail (Exchange) account or registered, on-campus departmental email servers for official UM correspondence.

For further information, please read the following guideline documents: