Gmail Migration

If you have been keeping a list of contacts in Webmail and you want to bring them into your Gmail account, you may export the list and email it to your new account.

Migrating Your Contacts

  1. screenshotGo to the Webmail site and log in with your WebID account.
  2. screenshotAfter logging in, click Contacts to display your list of contacts.
  3. screenshotChoose Export from the menu at the top.
  4. screenshotChoose the contacts group you wish to migrate and select Export. Follow the browser process to save the Contacts.vcf file.
  5. screenshotGo back to your Inbox and click Compose New to create a new message. Address it to your Gmail account and attach the Contacts.vcf file you just saved. You may use the subject "Contacts from Webmail" to help identify it. When ready, click Send and log out of Webmail when it is finished sending.
  6. screenshotGo to the UM Gmail site and log in with your WebID account.
  7. screenshotOpen the email you just sent yourself from Webmail.
  8. screenshotClick the Import Contacts link near the attachment.
  9. screenshotAfter it imports the contacts, click the link to find & merge duplicates.
  10. screenshotAfter merging, Gmail will report that it is finished. If there were any changes, it will report on those. You may now begin sending email to your contacts.